Cancellation of your order

You are welcome to cancel your order up until the point we have sent it to the courier. We send all orders at around 4pm each day so if it has already been sent then we are not able to cancel it.

You will be issued a full refund if you request a cancellation before your order has been sent.

If your order has been sent already you are welcome to return the parcel but at your own expense and we can refund you for the original order amount paid.

My delivery is late can I get a refund?

We know it is annoying when deliveries are late however once the parcel has left us we are almost zero control over when or how it is delivered.

We are ONLY able to refund your order if your order has reached 14 days of none movement on our couriers tracking system. This is not 14 days from point of ordering, it is 14 days of none movement on the tracking system.

This is the only point our courier classes the parcel as lost as up until this point the parcel is still active and can (and has been) delivered up to 30 days after we have sent the parcel out.

You will receive a full refund once this time has passed.

Hermes say my parcel has an issue and to contact the sender

Generally this is a generic message and is no real help to anyone, so we have to contact Hermes and wait for a response as to why there is an issue.

Generally it is because the parcel has been damaged and can not be delivered.

Once we have received a response from Hermes we will be able to resolve and offer you a full refund on the order.

Hermes told me my parcel is lost and to contact you

If you have spoke to Hermes and they say the parcel is lost and to speak to us about a refund we are still not able to offer you a refund until the 14 days of none movement on the tracking system has passed.

This is because the Hermes chat agents often send a generic reply and the parcel is not lost and ends up being delivered 2 days later.

My order arrived damaged and items are missing or broken.

If this happens then please contact us with the exact details of what is missing, your order number and images of how the parcel arrived.

You can email these details to

We will usually refund you for these items unless the total value is over £5 and then we can send the items back out to you.

I have an item missing from my order

If you have a missing item from your order please email with your name, order number, missing item details and the name of the picker (this is on a flyer inside the box) and we can look to resolve.

We are only able to send items out if the value is over £5 due to high cost of us posting them back to you. We are also not able to send out ‘half items’ such as 4 missing chew bars, you will receive a refund for these instead.

I have received the wrong item in my order

If you received the wrong item in your order then please email with your name, order number, details of what you received and details of what was missing.

We will either resend the item based on value or offer you a refund or the original items value.


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